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‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers: Season 4 finale ‘A’

'The Walking Dead' Season 4
'The Walking Dead' Season 4
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Once again, our thanks to international trailers! On Monday, March 24, TVNZ (“The Walking Dead” New Zealand) debuted a new promotional video – and yes it is packed with spoilers! The video shows a lot of main events that will be taking place this Sunday for "The Walking Dead" Season 4 finale “A.”

So will Rick, Carl, and Michonne arrive to Terminus this Sunday? They sure will, and it doesn’t look like the warm welcome will last! In the promo, they seem to be welcomed by a male, and he appears to be showing them around.

What seems like Rick is heard saying, “We’re all people.” Then, Michonne and Carl are in a scene and they have their weapons raised. It looks like this is not a very happy place, but whether these are the cannibals or not remains to be known. The next clip shows someone on the roof shooting.

The next scenes go by very fast, but it looks like Daryl’s group has caught up to Rick’s and they are in trouble. Carl is trapped in a car as someone outside teases him. Check out the trailer for yourself before it’s deleted.

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The final episode of "The Walking Dead" Season 4, episode 16 "A," air next Sunday, March 30 on AMC. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to catch the latest spoilers on your newsfeed!

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