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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Season 4 finale 'A' recap

'The Walking Dead' Season 4
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It's all come to this! The Season 4 finale, "A," of "The Walking Dead" premiered on AMC on Sunday, March 30. Several questions were answered, but of course, there are now even more questions. Find out what happened, who survived, who died, and more here. Note that spoilers are ahead if you are not caught up to "The Walking Dead" or missed the season finale.

"A" begins with a flashback, back at the prison with Hershel. The scene then switches to Rick, leaning over a car with blood on his hands and face - it doesn't look like much of that blood belongs to him though. Credits roll.

When the show returns, Rick, Carl, and Michonne are by a campfire. Carl asks them if they will tell the people at Terminus their story once they get there. The scene from the promo is next, Rick is showing Carl how to set up a trap when a scream is heard and Carl takes off running towards it.

Carl is stopped by his dad and Michonne, the man is surrounded and they won't get to him in time. They then watch the man that called for help get devoured by walkers and run when two walkers spot them. Another Hershel flashback plays, then back to Rick, Carl, and Michonne finishing off some walkers that had caught up to them. They find a car - the one Rick was leaning on earlier - and decided to stop there for the night.

Michonne and Rick are talking by a fire while Carl sleeps in the car. Daryl's new group then suddenly arrive, Joe puts a gun to Rick's head as the rest of the group surround them - Daryl is not seen yet. Daryl shows after the commercials, in shock to see Rick and Michonne. Daryl asks Joe to let them go and to kill him instead because they are good people. Joe then instructs the gang to beat Daryl to death. Rick is being stopped at gun point and so is Michonne. Meanwhile, one of the guys is trying to rape Carl. So yeah, the scene from the comics happened - and it all went down awesome!

Rick goes crazy and rips Joe's throat with his teeth, this distracts the whole group so Michonne shoots two of the guys. Daryl takes care of a fourth one and Rick says "he's mine" to the one that had Carl and stabs him multiple times while Michonne holds Carl.

After a commercial break that allowed fans to catch their breath, a third flashback with Hershel plays. The scene with Rick leaning against the car is back. Inside Michonne is with Carl. Daryl goes to Rick and offers him a wet cloth to clean himself up. Daryl tells Rick that he was with Beth for a while but now she's "gone."

They continue walking later on and cut through the woods so that they won't be seen by the people in Terminus, playing it safe. Rick instructs that they split up and walk around to check out what they can see. Carl goes with Michonne, and in their walk she tells Carl how her son died and the story of her walker pets. What Michonne is trying to do is calm Carl down, because after what he saw his dad do he seems afraid of him. Michonne says that what she did to the pet walkers is what a monster would have done, so not to be afraid of Rick. Carl tells her that he is a monster too.

All four of them jump the fence at Terminus and find some people working around there, as well as the woman who has been transmitting the radio call. Gareth steps up and introduces himself and asks if they are here for sanctuary. Gareth asks them to put their weapons forward, just as a safety procedure. After they are patted down, Gareth tells them not to try anything stupid and hands them all their weapons back.

As they are being served a plate to eat, Rick begins to notice a lot of familiar items. Maggie's poncho, Bob's backpack, and more. Rick then grabs one of the guys, taking a pocketwatch from his pocket and asks him where he got it from while holding his gun on him.

Flashback to the prison, back to when Patrick was alive. Rick finds Patrick playing with the LEGO's that he thought would interest Carl, but Carl is loading a gun instead. He asks Carl to come outside with him and removes his own gun too. This could be when Rick gave up guns.

Back to Terminus - Gareth answers that they got the riot gear from a dead cop and the poncho from the clothes line. Knowing this is a lie, Rick doesn't let the man go. Gareth then signals for them to shoot. This whole time though, it seems like they are missing on purpose, shooting at their feet as if wanting them to go a certain way. The group reaches the gate but find themselves surrounded.

They are asked to drop their weapons, and Rick is told to walk towards a train. Daryl is told to go next, followed by Michonne. Carl is then told to follow and they all go inside the train. Inside the cart, Glenn and the rest of group are discovered to be inside too. Rick then tells them that Terminus is going to feel stupid when they realize that, "they're screwing with the wrong people."

What did you guys think? Were you disappointed that there were no deaths? And how horrible are these next 7 months going to be? Ahh, let's hope spoilers leak for Season 5! "The Walking Dead" will return with Season 5 this October. In the meantime, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to catch the latest spoilers on your newsfeed! Some great Twitter accounts to follow for everything 'The Walking Dead':

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