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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Season 4, episode 14 'The Grove' complete synopsis

Carol, Judith, Lizzie, Mika, Tyreese
Carol, Judith, Lizzie, Mika, Tyreese
AMC/Gene Page

With just three episodes left on the fourth season of the AMC drama "The Walking Dead," there are more and more spoilers circulating the internet about what will happen to each character. On Friday, March 14 the Facebook page The Spoiling Dead Fans posted a detailed summary of what happens in "The Grove," the upcoming fourteenth episode of the season. The following contains major spoilers for the episode.

Lizzie Samuels is sitting with Carol around a fire talking about how life has changed, and the two try to bond. Later the whole group is walking along the tracks trying to find the Terminus. The sneak peek showing Tyreese, Lizzie, and Judith waiting by the train tracks as Carol and Mika hunt for supplies happens next, with Tyreese leaving Lizzie with Judith.

The walker injures itself and Lizzie convinces Tyreese to let the walker live. Meanwhile, Carol and Mika are walking around and discussing who Mika might have to kill a person someday and she should be ready, but Mika says she will just run away. Carol mentions that Sophia ran away too but she wasn't fast enough.

The episode title comes from the area where the group finds the house in the sneak peek, and Carol watches Lizzie outside playing with the walker while she cooks. Carol goes outside to kill the walker but Lizzie gets upset since she just wanted to play with it. Carol and Tyreese debate whether to stay in the house and what to do about Lizzie. They see black smoke rising into the sky and realize someone is burning a fire.

Mika catches Lizzie on the train tracks feeding rats to the walker she convinced Tyreese not to kill, which supports the theory that Lizzie was also feeding the walkers rats at the prison. Lizzie wants to become a walker but a bunch of burnt walkers find them so the girls run back to the house. Mika gets stuck in the fence but is saved, which debunks the theory that Carol sacrifices her.

Tyreese and Carol discuss who the world seems full of ghosts of the dead and Tyreese still has nightmares about Karen. Suddenly, the pair find Lizzie with a bloody knife and Mika is dead but Judith is still alive. Lizzie wanted Mika to be a walker, and pulls her gun on Tyreese and Carol until Mika turns. Carol ties her up and cries.

Tyreese figures out that Lizzie was feeding the walkers at the prison and thinks Lizzie was also the one who killed Karen. But Carol chimes in that Lizzie would have let Karen turn instead of burning her. The next day, Carol takes Lizzie outside to look at flowers and sees white smoke in the air meaning the fire has been put out. Lizzie thinks Carol is mad at her for pulling a gun and begins to cry, but Carol says she is not mad. Carol then pulls out her gun and kills Lizzie.

That night, Carol gives Tyreese a gun and tells him the truth that she killed Karen and David to protect everyone from the virus. Carol tells him to do whatever he has do, but after confirming that the deaths were quick, Tyreese decides to forgive her. The next day, the pair take Judith and leave the house, walking past the graves for the two girls on their way to the Terminus.

"The Grove" will air on Sunday, March 16 at 9 p.m. on AMC. The episode will exclusively feature Tyreese, Carol, Judith, Lizzie and Mika. The final two episodes will air before the end of March and a fifth season of the series is expected to go into production around Atlanta in May.

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