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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Season 4, episode 11 'Claimed' recap

'The Walking Dead'
'The Walking Dead'
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Episode 10 "Inmates" left us with more questions than answers (doesn't "The Walking Dead" usually do that though?). Particularly, who are these three new characters? This and more is answered in episode 11 "Claimed," premiered by AMC on Sunday, February 23. Spoilers are ahead if you are not caught up to "The Walking Dead."

"Claimed" kicks off with newbie Abraham, who proves not to be such a newbie after all by showing off some sweet kills. He is with Tara, Glenn and the others are not shown yet. (Later we find out that Glenn was sleeping on the back of the truck - or more like unconscious) After that short scene, it cuts to credits and returns with Rick, Carl, and Michonne.

Michonne and Carl are having a cute little moment, eating some cereal and chatting. Rick later thanks Michonne for making Carl laugh again, telling her that he hasn't heard his son laugh in a long time. Their moment doesn't last though, as Judith is brought up and this makes Carl leave the room.

In need of supplies, Michonne and Carl take off, ordering Rick to stay home and rest. Rick heads upstairs and lays on a bed with a book. Nice to see he likes to stay educated, I would just get some sleep while I can!

While on their supply run, Michonne makes attempts to make Carl laugh. She tells Carl that she used to have a three year old son, and her son thought she was very funny. Shocked, Carl asks why she never told this to anyone. Michonne makes up a game so Carl can ask her questions.

Back at the house, Rick's nap is short lived when two men enter the house, he quickly hides under the bed. This scene is a edge-of-the-seat one, as Rick is shaking while one intruder circles the room. The scene cuts to Michonne and Carl, she reveals that the name of her son was Andre Anthony, and he died after the apocalypse. No details of her sons death are said.

Michonne then finds an odd painting, and heads to a room. Inside, she finds the bodies of four children, and then spots the mother. It appears that she shot her kids before taking her own life. Michonne doesn't let Carl see this room, and Carl comforts her by telling her that Judith and her son are now together.

After a break, "The Walking Dead" returns with Rick. The first intruder has fallen asleep on the bed, on top of Rick. Another man enters and they begin to fight over who sleeps on the bed. The fight leaves one of them unconscious, as the winner takes the bed.

The Episode cuts to Glenn, he wakes up on the back of Abraham's truck. Glenn makes Abraham stop the truck, breaking the glass on the back window. Once the truck stops, Glenn gets off with Tara, telling Abraham that he needs to find Maggie. Abraham tries to convince him, he proves not to be such a bad guy and tells Glenn that he won't last out there alone. Abraham then reveals that Eugene is a scientist who knows the cause of the walker outbreak. (Comic fans know a little more about this, but I won't ruin it here yet for those who don't)

Glenn is taken aback for a bit, but tells them that Maggie is his priority. Abraham tells Glenn that Maggie is gone and there's no need for him to die, too, this makes him angry and the two fight - with Abraham winning, of course. While they are fighting though, walkers begin to surround the area. We learn that not only does Eugene not know how to use a gun, but he's a total idiot - accidentally shooting the truck and making it impossible for them to ride it any longer.

The scene cuts again, and Rick is slowly trying to get out from under the bed with the man still sleeping on top and the other one unconscious. The third intruder goes up to another bedroom, and is then joined downstairs by the one that was previously sleeping. Rick locks himself in a bathroom and is shocked to find a fourth man there. He manages to strangle the man and leaves him in the bathroom to turn. We hear him turn and kill his friends - this happens a bit later though, I'm just summarizing it. Rick warns Michonne and Carl to run before they get too close to the house.

Meanwhile, with a truck no longer available, Abraham and his crew head out on foot, joining Glenn's search for Maggie. The episode closes with Rick, Carl, and Michonne finding a sign that reads “Sanctuary” on a train car. No other characters are on this episode.

“The Walking Dead” Season 4 debuts episode 12, "Still," on Sunday, February 23. If you can't wait to find out what happens next, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to catch the latest spoilers on your newsfeed!

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