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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Robert Kirkman talks killing Rick

The Walking Dead spoilers: Could Rick have died?
The Walking Dead spoilers: Could Rick have died?

For fans of "The Walking Dead," the shows one major hero and the character everything revolves around is Rick Grimes, the former law enforcement officer. However, Den of Geek reported on March 21 that "The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman considered killing Rick early in the comics.

Fans of the comics know that Shane was never a major character, while fans of the TV show actually saw him stick around for two seasons. In the comics, Carl Grimes killed Shane in defense of his father. This happened early on in the series and Shane was gone.

However, Robert Kirkman said he was toying with the idea of making "The Walking Dead" about young Carl and how he had to live with Shane after Shane killed Rick Grimes in the sixth issue of the series.

Kirkman said that was never really the plan, but he considered it and thought it could make for an interesting series. However, he said that he chose to go with the original path and have Rick Grimes the central character of "The Walking Dead," which is now well over 100 issues into the series.

This would have drastically changed the entire look of "The Walking Dead," since Shane was clearly more self motivated than Rick and would have led the group in an entirely different direction. It also would have destroyed the character development of Carl, who would have saw his dad die and would have to live with a simmering sense of vengeance.