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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Robert Kirkman confirms baby Judith fate

The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman talks Baby Judith
The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman talks Baby Judith
Gene Page/AMC

"The Walking Dead" lead actor Andrew Lincoln already told fans that his character of Rick had lost his daughter Judith in the recent attack on the prison and the baby would not be back. Now, Wet Paint reported on Feb. 11 that "The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman confirmed this.

This shouldn't come as a surprise. In the comic books, The Governor blasted bullet holes through Rick's wife Lori as she was running with the baby, killing both of them in cold blood. On "The Walking Dead" TV show, Lori died differently, giving birth to baby Judith, leaving the baby with Rick and the survivors to care for.

It was clear when they left the prison and hit the road again, a baby in tow would not be a good idea. Just like in the comics, it was necessary to eliminate the baby but it had to be done in a way that did not alienate the fans. TV fans are less forgiving than comic book fans.

Kirkman said the baby's likelihood for survival was low, a baby stuck in a stroller while the zombies closed in on it. However, he admitted that he could not kill the baby on the TV show, knowing the fans would revolt and possibly turn away from the popular series.

However, having baby Judith die off screen was a different story. He could have the baby die, without showing it, and instead show the effects on Rick and Carl, adding drama that the home audience could buy into without revolting. Kirkman did say that "The Walking Dead" fans could feel secure in knowing that the answer to the question of Judith will come quickly.