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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Norman Reedus on Daryl finding love

Norman Reedus was on "Live with Kelly and Michael" today and had the chance to speak on whether or not Daryl will find love.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

On Feb. 21 Comic Book shares a bit about the interview that Norman Reedus did this morning while on "Live with Kelly and Michael." Reedus was on the show to talk about his "The Walking Dead" character, Daryl Dixon.

One of the many questioned asked is whether or not Reedus thinks that Daryl will find love at all this season on "The Walking Dead." while he didn't say yes or no (because he feels that AMC is recording everything from space) he says that he would kind of like to play that side of the character. He does his best to make him kind of awkward and shy, which we saw him with Carol while the two flirted all of last season.

Reedus says that he's set up his character so that he is the type of guy that if and when he does find love, he's not going to just throw you up against a tree trunk and be full of romance. He wants to make the situation as awkward as possible so that when it happens, it happens and there is no going back. He wants whomever that falls for Daryl to really have to earn that romance and trust that they would get from him.

It sounds like Reedus has given this a fair amount of thought! Would you like to see Daryl find love? Who would you think the lucky lady would be?

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