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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: New preview details long road ahead in season 4

What lies ahead for Rick and Michonne in 'The Walking Dead'?
What lies ahead for Rick and Michonne in 'The Walking Dead'?
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh

The return of “The Walking Dead” is right around the corner, and fans are anxious to know what lies ahead in the second half of season 4. Thanks to Zap2It on Jan. 24, folks have a new preview full of “The Walking Dead” spoilers to sort through.

As fans can see in “The Walking Dead” spoiler clip, the group is going to be spending some time apart, possibly quite a bit of time. Where is Glenn? He was in a precarious position when the mid-season finale aired, but the new preview shows he is still alive. It seems, however, that there may be challenges for Glenn and Maggie as a couple in the upcoming episodes.

Robert Kirkman teases that some relationships will strengthen in these new episodes, while some characters may just miss crossing paths with one another in the rest of the season. The clip does show that in addition to Rick and Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Maggie, Beth and Tyreese all are still in one piece, but life is not easy by any means.

Executive producer Dave Alpert says that the next episodes are about how everybody stays safe, comes back together and finds sanctuary. Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, says that the second half of season 4 “Feels like a whole new season.” He says they're moving into “a much more psychological horror.”

The group faces new challenges, and they don't have the benefit of being together right now to face the obstacles ahead. It's likely there are more deaths ahead, and things don't always follow the comic series exactly. Who do you think makes it through season 4 alive? “The Walking Dead” returns to AMC with new episodes beginning Sunday, Feb. 9.