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‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers: Michael Cudlitz talks Abraham

‘Walking Dead’ spoilers: Michael Cudlitz talks Abraham
‘Walking Dead’ spoilers: Michael Cudlitz talks Abraham
Photo by Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead” just introduced three brand new characters to the popular AMC zombie television series. The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Michael Cudlitz on Feb. 16 about his new character of Abraham and what these new characters bring to the show.

The three new characters are Abraham, Eugene and Rosita and all three come straight from the comics. In “The Walking Dead” comic book series, Abraham is a former military soldier and was a football coach before the zombie outbreak. That makes Abraham the leader of this trio of survivors, who met up with Glenn and Beth in this week’s episode “Inmates.”

According to Michael Cudlitz, the characters in the comic books are the exact same as the ones in the television show, at least up to this point.

“All three of those characters are going to seem extremely familiar to those who know the comics,” Cudlitz said. “They’re almost exact up to the point where we meet them. Where they go from here, we’ll all learn that together.”

That means that Abraham is the military man and leader, Rosita is his girlfriend and someone with very few mental scars, and Eugene is a former science teacher who claims that he knows how to cure the zombie outbreak. Of course, in the comics, these things change a lot over time.

“You know they’re headed for Washington but the audience will learn all that in the next episode as to where they’re going, why they think they’re going there, what information Eugene has and that Abraham and Rosita believe him,” Cudlitz said.

However, at that moment, things could end up going anywhere. He said that fans can expect some rare laughs thanks to these new characters but said that “The Walking Dead” is about to change and these three characters will trigger that change.

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