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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Messages are written in blood about Terminus

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The latest episode of “The Walking Dead,” which will air tomorrow, is a continuation of the search for Terminus. According to a March 8 report by the International Business Times, viewers will see messages, written in blood, about the alleged place of safety.

“Alone,” the title of episode 13, will have the group consisting of Maggie, Sasha and Bob separating. Maggie goes out on her own in search of her husband, Glenn. That leaves Sasha and Bob on their own. Sasha and Bob also decide to go their separate ways.

Seeing they only have six bullets left, it is unknown how those bullets are divided. Or, even if the bullets are divided. In the zombie-infested world they are living in, six bullets will not last long.

The messages written in blood are about Terminus. Very little is known about this alleged safe haven. According to previous episodes, other members of the prison group are currently following the railroad tracks and making their way to Terminus.

Viewers wanting to know what is going on with Rick, Michonne and Carl will be disappointed. There have been no reports of them being a part of this episode. That is also true of the group consisting of Carol, Tyreese, baby Judith and the two girls. Fans of “The Walking Dead” will have to wait at least on more episode to find out how they are doing.

To find out more about the messages in blood about Terminus, “The Walking Dead” fans will have to watch it tomorrow night. It airs on AMC at 8 p.m. CDT.



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