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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Lizzie's fate in season 4

On Friday, February 21 Moviepilot posted spoilers for "The Walking Dead" season four about the character of Lizzie Samuels, a young girl who has been taught how to fight for survival by Carol Peletier during the time at the prison. Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) and her younger sister Mika were taken in by Carol after their father was bitten by a walker in the prison, and Lizzie took to learning about knifes and death much faster than Mika.

Lizzie from 'The Walking Dead' season 4
AMC/Gene Page

During the tenth episode, "Inmates," viewers learned that Lizzie and Mika managed to escape the prison attack with Tyreese and Baby Judith. Lizzie holds Judith at one point and hold her hand over Judith's mouth to stop her from crying. She appears to almost be suffocating Judith, before Carol manages to find them.

Back in episode four, "Indifference," there was speculation that Lizzie actually killed Karen and David to stop the illness, because the bloody hand print Rick found on the door was so small. However, at the end of the episode Rick confronts Carol and she admits to the killing.

Someone was also torturing and killing rats in the prison and placing them near the fences to attract the walkers but the identity of that person was never revealed. Some people speculated that it was The Governor in an attempt to weaken the fences, but after Lizzie killed rats in "Inmates," it's possible that could have been her.

Based on her recent psychotic behavior, it's possible Lizzie is based on a character from the comic book series named Ben. This character, who had a twin brother also had a tendency to torture animals and committed murder. If Lizzie is this character then she will most likely kill again before the final six episodes are over.

Sharbino has recently received death threats from fans of the series based on her portrayal of Lizzie as a heartless young girl, although she has no control over what scenes the writers give her to perform. The eleven-year-old actress has appeared in small roles in other television shows, but "The Walking Dead" is her first major acting job.

The eleventh episode, "Claimed," will air on Sunday, February 23 at 9 p.m. on AMC. The episode will focus on Michonne's past and her being reunited with Carl and Rick. The three new characters, Rosita Espinosa, Abraham Ford, and Dr. Eugene Porter will also be shown teaming up with Glenn and Tara.

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