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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Lizzie could be Ben from the comics

What will Carol do if Lizzie kills someone?
Frazier Harrison/Getty

The little girl that Carol agreed to care for, Lizzie, may be a sociopath. Many fans have speculated that it was Lizzie that killed both Karen and David. According to a February 21 report by MoviePilot, Lizzie is Ben from “The Walking Dead” comics and, based on that information, she will kill again.

Fans who have follow the comics will remember that Ben and his brother, Billy. Like Lizzie, Ben's parents have died. Ben enjoy torturing animals. It is widely believed that it was Lizzie that fed the rats to the walkers and killed the rat that Tyreese found at that prison.

“This makes sense to me,” Rose Goins, a fan of “The Walking Dead” from Oklahoma City, said. “I never believed that Carol killed Karen and David. “Carol is covering up for her. Lizzie is a freak and there is no telling what she'll do next.”

During the last episode, Lizzie was on the verge of killing Judith. The baby was crying and wouldn't stop. Lizzie covered her mouth. The look in her eyes said she would do whatever was necessary to make baby Judith be quiet. If Carol hadn't found the children, there is no way of knowing how far Lizzie would have gone.

“My wife and I both thought Lizzie was going to kill Judith,” David Walker, a fan of “The Walking Dead” from Midwest City, said. “I was sure Tyreese was going to catch her and then he'd be stuck with a kid that killed a baby.”

In “The Walking Dead” comics, Ben killed his twin brother. If Lizzie really is the character of Ben, her sister may not have long to live. Sororicide on “The Walking Dead?” After Hershel was beheaded, anything is possible and nothing is too gruesome.

Fans of “The Walking Dead” will have to watch and see what happens. The next episode will air on AMC on February 23.

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