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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Lauren Cohan calls second half of season 4 'gory'

The Walking Dead spoilers: Maggie will be alone
The Walking Dead spoilers: Maggie will be alone
Gene Page/AMC

With "The Walking Dead" returning for the second half of its fourth season, there has been a lot of spoilers about new characters arriving on the show, as well as the splitting up of the group. However, Wet Paint reported on Feb. 8 that actress Lauren Cohan gave a quote that indicates what fans can expect from the action.

Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene on "The Walking Dead," said the second half of the fourth season will feature some "filthy, gory, nasty zombie action."

Of course, after The Governor blew up the prison gates and the zombies made their way in, all the survivors ran for their lives. In the process, they were separated, and creator Robert Kirkman said they may not all end up reuniting down the line. One of the characters that fans should worry about is Maggie.

While Cohan said that the zombies will be nasty, she also said that her character will be alone for an unknown period of time. Her father, Herschel, was beheaded by The Governor, she was separated from her husband Glenn, and she has no idea what happened to her sister.

When Maggie was last seen, she was with Bob and Sasha, two characters fans have only started to get to know. With Maggie now set apart from Glenn, Rick, Daryl and Michonne, this puts her in a unique situation. She has always been a fighter, but where will she be without her friends and allies by her side.

The fourth season of "The Walking Dead" just got scarier, and maybe a bit more gory. "The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on Sunday night, Feb. 9, at 9 p.m. EST.

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