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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Has Rick found a new home?

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On Feb. 17 Ace Show Biz teases next week's episode of "The Walking Dead" and the home that Rick Grimes seems reluctant to want to leave.

We know that Rick and Carl found a home free of walkers to rest in while Rick recovered from his shootout with The Governor. In the spoiler episode for next week Michonne asks if they were planning on staying at the house or if they would be moving on soon. Rick sees no point in moving since the house is free of walkers and accommodating to their needs. She mentions that she is going to run for supplies with Carl and Rick immediately wants to go to their aide despite the fact that he was unconscious just the day before. While he is getting better, he should still rest, and Michonne tells him so.

It seems that Michonne has taken on more of a leading role in the group as is fitting of someone that has her skills and also her compassion for those that are living, despite how hard she might try to avoid showing it.

Whether or not other group members will find the three in the next episode is yet to be seen. Rick might not be so willing to turn Carol away now that there are so few of their "prison family" left. Tyreese welcomed her with open arms, however he doesn't know what ultimately sent her away from the group to begin with. He might not be so happy to see her once he finds out.

Do you think that Rick, Carl, and Michonne should continue to stay in the house until they can't?