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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Has Daryl lost hope?

It's no secret that "The Walking Dead" characters are on their own since being forced to leave the prison. On March 11 Christian Post shares that because of this split, and the kidnapping of Beth, Daryl may have lost hope and is willing to do things he never would have otherwise considered just to stay alive.

Beth was a shining light in the darkness to Daryl, and now that she's gone, he is left feeling lost and with a bunch of guys that are not that great. While Daryl seemingly accepted the loss of Beth since he didn't really have another choice, he still isn't happy to have been paired with this vicious group who, unknowingly, almost killed Rick. Is Daryl now with his back against a wall, doing whatever it takes to just stay alive?

Greg Nicotero also says that this is the first time since season one where none of the characters have any protection. They are all completely alone and are going to have to go to drastic measures to survive and, obviously, not everyone will. Many are turning to faith to survive and hope that it helps them through the most trying of times.

The group that Daryl has taken up with pose a very serious threat to anyone they come across and it might end up meaning that Daryl could end up being major death this season if he isn't willing to go to the full extent that the group wants him to.

Do you think that Daryl has lost hope or is he only going along with these guys so that he can find his group and stay alive?

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