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'The Walking Dead' spoilers for 'The Grove': Does baby Judith survive?

Chandler Riggs
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Cirque du Solei

Tonight is a huge episode of "The Walking Dead" season four. This one is called "The Grove." Everyone wants to know if Baby Judith is going to survive because previews make it look like she might not. On March 15, Comic talked about the option of her dying and shared some spoilers.

One preview does share that Tyreese is going to leave Judith alone with Lizzie. That is never a good thing considering how odd she really is but hopefully it turns out okay this time. Judith still need to be reunited with her dad and brother at least before they kill her off.

They also show several shots that show Carol, Tyrese, Lizzie and Mika walking alone without baby Judith. You have to wonder where she is at and if she is now dead. AMC obviously wants you to think this is what happens in "The Grove" but other spoilers do say that Judith will survive through this episode.

"The Walking Dead" airs new episodes on Sunday nights on AMC.

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Update: 'The Talking Dead' confirms if she lives or dies! Find out here!

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