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‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers for season 4, episode 15 revealed

"The Walking Dead"
Photo by Catrina Maxwell

Spoilers for episode 15 of “The Walking Dead” have been revealed, and “Us” promises to take the cast closer to Terminus. The International Business Times reports on March 21 that Terminus may not be the sanctuary the survivors hope to discover.

Fans of the comic books will remember that the survivors encountered cannibals in their search for safety, so it has been suggested that Terminus is actually a sanctuary for cannibals. Although the show creator has not confirmed it, fans believe that “Us” will finally feature a reunion among some of the survivors who have been disconnected since the tragedy at the prison.

The “Us” episode may not show the survivors reaching Terminus because it has been suggested that writers would prefer to save this for the season finale. However, the episode could still feature a reunion without sacrificing any information about the mysterious sanctuary.

After the deaths of Mika and Lizzie in the previous episode, there may be a slight break before more survivors are lost on “The Walking Dead.” The shock of their deaths still needs to be absorbed by many fans, but this does not guarantee that the show will not try to kill of another character in “Us.” “The Walking Dead” relies on shock value that keeps fans on edge while never promising to keep a favorite cast member around. Robert Kirkman recently shared that even Rick Grimes is not safe from death on the show.

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