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‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers for episode 14 revealed by Robert Kirkman

"The Walking Dead"
Photo by Catrina Maxwell

Creator Robert Kirkman is sharing some limited spoilers for “The Walking Dead” and reveals fans do not want to miss episode 14. Entertainment Weekly reports on March 14 that Kirkman is predicting something major will happen that will shock viewers in “The Grove” episode. Rumors indicate a major character could die or details about the mysterious Terminus may be revealed.

Kirkman is hinting that the cast of “The Walking Dead” will eventually reach Terminus, but he will not confirm if it will happen in “The Grove” episode. It has been suggested that Terminus may not be the sanctuary the survivors are expecting, and it may actually be another nightmare waiting to destroy them.

The creator will not confirm rumors about the next dead character on the show, but it is unlikely to be Abraham. Kirkman suggests he will have a bigger role next season if he survives. On the other hand, he is willing to discuss love and believes the chance of a romantic relationship developing between Daryl and Beth is not likely.

Kirkman’s suggestion that “The Grove” episode is one of the most important ones this season seems to confirm some of the rumors that a major shift will happen. Death is often used by “The Walking Dead” to change the surviving characters’ direction, but who will be sacrificed this time? Beth’s kidnapping and disappearance create a convenient way to kill her character. However, she is not the only potential target, and it has been suggested Lizzie or Judith could die.

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