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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Episode 4x13 teases new shelter, danger for Judith

What's ahead in episode 4x14 for Tyreese on 'The Walking Dead'?
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Sunday night fans watched an action-packed episode of “The Walking Dead,” and now they want spoilers for episode 4x14. What happens in the next episode titled “The Grove”? On March 9 Wetpaint shared some “The Walking Dead” spoilers about what viewers can expect.

The general synopsis teases that the group will embrace a new shelter and consider falling back into how things used to be. However, a more detailed synopsis online teases that “the fate of humanity is questioned as the survivors assess their own futures.” Clearly life isn't going to be a walk in the park going forward anymore than it has been in the past.

“The Walking Dead” spoiler sneak peek shows Tyreese with Lizzie and Judith. Lizzie is playing “I Spy,” but Tyreese stops her as he sees someone coming. He hands Judith to Lizzie, and walks to go see who is coming. Viewers can't see who it is, but it certainly looks ominous. Will this be a friend or a foe?

There are plenty of other characters credited as being in this episode, but that doesn't always mean much this season. Will “The Grove” bring more of the survivors together at least? Many fans who watched “The Walking Dead” spoiler preview with Tyreese, Judith and Lizzie do not care for Lizzie being alone with that baby. Hopefully it's only for a moment, as hopefully whoever Tyreese is meeting isn't about to shred him to pieces.

What do you expect to see happen in “The Walking Dead” episode 4x14? Tune in to AMC on Sunday, March 16 for “The Grove.” Only a few more episodes remain before the season 4 finale, and fans are dreading the end of the season.

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