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‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers episode 4X13 ’Alone’ promo, sneak peek, photos

The next episode of “The Walking Dead is titled “Alone.” On March 3, Spoiler TV shared the promo, a sneak peek and some photos from that episode and some from episode 4X12, “Still.”

Beth reads in 'Alone' on 'The Walking Dead'
Beth reads in 'Alone' on 'The Walking Dead'
Photo by AMC Promotional
‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers episode 4X13’Alone’ promo, sneak peek, photos
Photos by AMC Promotional

The promo for the episode is very dark. Maggie can be seen with her companions in several clips. In some they are looking warily about. In one, they are standing together in a circle, with their backs tone another and facing outward as zombies are moving in closer. Maggie is seen in what looks like a fight for her life in another snippet while her voice is heard in a voiceover saying, I’m not giving up. We also see Daryl and Beth. He yells for her to run but yells back, “I’m not leaving you!”

In sneak peek #1, we see a longer, uninterrupted clip of Maggie, Bob Stookey and Sasha standing in the circle facing out. They seem to be in a forest and it’s very foggy. They can hear the zombies approaching long before they see them. The walkers just keep emerging out of the fog, one after the other. As quickly as they kill one, another emerges. Toward the end of the clip, Bob seems to be getting overrun. The camera cuts to Sasha who turns to look at him and screams his name as terror crosses her face.

In sneak peek #2, We see a shorter version of the same scene with nothing extra.

The photos don’t shed much light on the episode. One is of Beth reading in the dark and the other is of Bob Stookey standing on the well-travelled train tracks. Also on the tracks though presumably a long distance away are Carol, Tyreese and the kids, including baby Judith. There are also a few new photos that were unreleased prior to the airing of the last episode, “Still.”

Episode 4X13, “Alone” will air on “The Walking Dead” on Sunday, March 9 on AMC.

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