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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Episode 4x12 features journey of Daryl and Beth

What does Daryl face in Sunday's 'The Walking Dead'?
Photo by Frazer Harrison

The Walking Dead” episode 4x12 airs Sunday night, and fans want spoilers. What can viewers expect to see happen in the episode titled “Still”? On March 2 Wetpaint shared the scoop on what is known in terms of “The Walking Dead” spoilers so far.

During the March 2 episode, “The Walking Dead” spoilers indicate that Daryl Dixon will be very much the focus of this episode, along with Beth Greene. Daryl and Beth are seemingly everywhere except where the others are at this point, and “TWD” fans wonder when they will get to a safe place to settle down.

The official tease via TVLine shares, “A simple request by someone in the group leads to a bizarre but enlightening mission.” Just what that refers to has not yet been revealed via the previews and "The Walking Dead" spoilers available ahead of the episode.

Via recent interviews, Norman Reedus has declared that this Daryl-centric episode is “amazing,” notes Wetpaint. It sounds like viewers will get more insight into what drives both Daryl and Beth this week in terms of “why they fight for what they fight for and why they don't.” Though the characters are in a “very depressing place” right now, Reedus teases that Daryl is also finding himself and starting fresh in a way.

Tune in to “The Walking Dead” airing Sunday, March 2 on AMC to see just what goes down between Daryl and Beth this week. Will they finally reconnect with the rest of the group or will they be stuck managing on their own?

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