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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Episode 4x09 hits Xbox Video early

What lies ahead for the crew of 'The Walking Dead'?
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Hyundai

Fans are anxious to get going again with “The Walking Dead” season 4, which returns to AMC with new episodes Sunday night. It seems episode 4x09, titled “After,” was accidentally uploaded for Xbox Video users to see early. Users on Reddit shared “The Walking Dead” spoilers on Feb. 9 about just what goes down.

According to Reddit user spydiddley404, “After” features Rick, Carl and Michonne. As the episode begins, there are walkers all over the prison, and Michonne is seen watching it all. After putting down Hershel's head, she heads out into the woods. Carl and Rick are seen walking, and while Carl seems mad, Rick is simply pretty beat up. They find a house to settle into for a bit.

The next morning, Carl tries to wake up Rick, but it's not working. There are walkers surrounding the house, and Carl goes out to try to lure them away from the building. He trips and almost is taken down by a walker, but he manages to escape. He goes back in and talks to a sleeping Rick about how he can take care of himself now. He seems pretty unhappy with Rick and even says that Rick couldn't protect the others.

There is a dream of Michonne's shown, where she's in her apartment prior to all of the chaos going down. The dream shows men dressed nicely at first, then suddenly they're zombies. Michonne is seen holding a baby, but it disappears at the end of the sequence. When Michonne wakes up, she continues making her way through the woods. This baby scene very likely has something to do with Michonne's strong reaction regarding Judith in an earlier episode.

Carl is out walking on his own, and he has another close call with a walker. When he goes back to the house with Rick, it seems Rick is regaining consciousness and lunges off the couch. Carl is afraid Rick has turned and he prepares to battle. He realizes that he wouldn't be able to shoot Rick, but luckily Rick is fine.

Michonne continues her way through the woods, killing walkers as she goes. She makes her way to the house where Rick and Carl are. She knocks on the door, which initially makes Rick and Carl anxious. They realize it's her, and all is well.

Many who managed to see the episode say that it's relatively slow-moving in terms of the typical “The Walking Dead” pace. It seems, however, that this may well be set-up as something of a coming out episode for Carl. While there are scenes showing Hershel dead, obviously, and the Governor's body on the ground, there is no sign of Judith. What is Judith's fate? “The Walking Dead” spoilers via interviews from Robert Kirkman and Andrew Lincoln have left that very vague for now.

Tune in to “The Walking Dead” episode 4x09 airing Sunday, Feb. 9 on AMC to see it all play out for yourself. Does the full episode match up with the spoiler-filled recaps online via the accidental early episode release on Xbox? While it will take a few episodes for the group to come together again, it sounds like it's still going to be a wild journey throughout the remaining episodes of season 4.

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