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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Episode 14, 'The Grove' recap

'The Walking Dead' Season 4
'The Walking Dead' Season 4
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If you thought episode 13 "Alone" was intense, episode 14 "The Grove" will blow your mind. "The Grove" aired on AMC on Sunday, March 16. It featured a group we've been missing for the last couple of weeks. Spoilers are ahead if you are not caught up to "The Walking Dead."

Episode 14 "The Grove" opened up with that chilling dream-like scene from the promotional trailer - Lizzie is playing tag with a walker as somebody watches her from a window inside a home. Credits roll.

After the credits, Carol and Lizzie are keeping watch while Tyreese and Mika sleep. Carol is holding Judith talking to Lizzie, and you can hear Tyreese having a nightmare in the background. Carol mentions Sophia to Lizzie, and how Sophia didn't have one bad bone in her body.

The next day, the group is walking down the tracks again. Carol and Tyreese discuss the girls, and Carol shares her concern for Lizzie. She tells Tyreese that Lizzie doesn't understand how dangerous the walkers are, but that she worries more for Mika, remembering what she said about Sophia - Mika is too innocent and doesn't have a bad bone in her body. The group smells a fire in the distance, but guess that it's likely too far away.

Tyreese waits with Lizzie and Judith while Carol and Mika go searching for supplies. Like in the other sneak peek we saw, Tyreese spots a walker in the distance, stumbling on the tracks and approaches it. The walker trips on the tracks, losing its legs. When Tyreese goes to kill the walker, Lizzie begs him to stop, saying that they don't always have to kill the walkers.

While Carol and Mika are supply searching, they discuss Sophia. Carol tells her that it's not just walkers Mika has to be prepared for, it's people too, and there may come a time when she'd have to kill someone. Mika says she can't, that she'll just run. Carol tells Mika that Sophia ran too, but it wasn't enough.

Carol and Mika discover a house in a grove. It's surrounded by nuts, fruit, and a small fence. The group decides to take shelter here. While Tyreese and Carol clear the house, the girls keep guard outside with Judith. They are attacked by a walker, but Mika shoots it. The adults come running out and comfort a hysterical Lizzie, who doesn't think the walker should have been killed. As the group spends time at this new house in the grove, Tyreese suggests that maybe they could just stay here and not continue on to Sanctuary.

While out, Mika sees the black smoke of a fire in the distance, telling Carol that the fire must still be burning. If it was out, the smoke would be white. They try to shoot a deer, but Mika can't do it. We then see the same opening scene of Lizzie playing tag with the walker, but it no longer has the dream-like quality. It's real and Carol is boiling water and looking outside to the garden when she spots Lizzie with the walker. Carol rushes out and kills it. Lizzie once again goes hysterical, declaring that killing a walker is the same as killing a person and that the walker just wanted to play with her. Carol and Tyreese are shocked.

Later, Mika discovers Lizzie back on the tracks with the walker that lost its legs and sees Lizzie feeding the walker a rat. Lizzie tells Mika that she's been thinking about letting the walker bite her so she can be just like them. Walkers, blackened from the fire, interrupt the sisters and the girls run.

They hurry back to the house and through the fence, but Mika gets stuck. She's almost bitten, but the group saves her and the walkers are killed. Carol compliments Lizzie for protecting the group and killing walkers.

Tyreese and Carol walk together and discuss this new world. Tyreese tells Carol he's been having dreams about Karen and that he thinks that the world is haunted now. Carol tells him that the dead are all with them now and make them who they are. When Tyreese and Carol return from their walk, they discover Lizzie, standing there with a bloodied knife and hands. Mika is dead on the ground behind her. Judith is alive, crawling on a blanket. Lizzie tells them that she was just making Mika into a walker and Judith was next.

Tyreese and Carol try to get the knife from Lizzie, but she pulls out a gun and makes them promise to wait and let Mika turn. Carol agrees, tying Mika up, and then sends Lizzie inside with Tyreese and Judith. After they leave, Carol breaks down, crying for Mika.

Later that night, Tyreese and Carol talk about what they need to do. Tyreese tells Carol that he found a shoebox full of mice and that Lizzie was feeding the walkers at the prison, too. He also thinks that Lizzie killed Karen. Carol disagrees, saying that if Lizzie had, she would've let Karen turn.

Tyreese and Carol finally decide that Lizzie can't be around people and both understand what that will entail. In the morning, as Tyreese watches from the window, Carol and Lizzie walk out to the garden. In the distance, the smoke from the fire is white now. Lizzie thinks that Carol is upset at her for pulling the gun the day before, but Carol assures her that she isn't. Lizzie cries. Carol, remembering Mika's words to Lizzie when their father had died, tells her to look at the flowers. As Lizzie looks away, Carol draws her gun and shoots her. Tyreese continues to watch from the window as Carol breaks down again. The sisters are buried beside the dead children of this house in the grove.

That night, Carol pushes the gun across the table to Tyreese and tells him that she killed Karen in an effort to protect her people. Tyreese puts his hand on the gun, gripping it, and Carol tells him to do what he has to do. Eventually, he asks Carol if it was quick and she says it was. He then tells her that he forgives her, but won't forget. The dead are part of who they are now.

They decide they can't stay at the grove any longer. The next day, they leave, passing the graves, passing the walker still trapped on the tracks, and continue on the path to Sanctuary. As they leave, we hear a voice-over of Carol and one of her lessons to the children during their knife class.

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