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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Did Tyreese save Baby Judith?

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On Feb. 12 HNGN shares spoilers for "The Walking Dead" that could potentially reveal the fate of Baby Judith. Many fans have speculated that she could have died while others think that Tyreese possibly saved her from certain death since he was seen running with something in his arms as he was headed for the bus and survival.

Show runner Scott Gimple isn't so hopeful about Judith's future, however, but doesn't come out and say that she didn't survive. He says that just by looking at the state of things, Judith was a baby in post-apocalyptic world that had free roaming zombies, therefore, the numbers simply don't look good for her. Beyond that, all fans really know is that there is a bloody carseat. There are some things that they just wouldn't show on television, even if they did happen, such as a baby being eaten by zombies.

Gimple says that fans will be learning the fate of Judith soon, and won't be in suspense much longer, likely in episode 10 when there are several stories being shared of survivors and who did and didn't make it. Fans, for sure, will be learning the fate of Glen and whether or not he made it out alive seeing as how he was so sick.

What side of the fence are you on? Do you think that Judith survived or did she die?