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‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers: Characters not interested in a cure

'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Gang not interested in a cure.
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

The Walking Dead” brought up the possibility of a cure for the first time in a long time during last Sunday’s episode, but Robert Kirkman says the gang isn’t interested in a cure, Wet Paint reported on Feb. 26.

“Glenn hears there’s possibly a cure, but he’s not going to be deterred,” showrunner Scott Gimple says.
“I don’t know if he doubts them, but I don’t know if he’s willing to go on a frantic mission for that when he has one key thing still left to fight for,” Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn on “The Walking Dead” states.

“It shows what I’ve always felt is important about these characters,” Robert Kirkman, the creator of the comic book series says.

“They’re not really interested in finding the cure; they’re always going to be focused on their survival and keeping the ones that they love safe.”

Of course fans don’t expect a cure anytime soon, or possibly at all, but with the introduction of Abraham, Rosita, and Dr. Eugene, talk of a cure could stir some excitement.

What do you think about “The Walking Dead” characters not being interested in a cure? Would you want to see a cure on the show?

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