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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Cannibals invade a church

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The group of survivors have survived all sorts of challenges and dangers. It looks as if things are going to be getting worse than ever before. According to a March 7 report by Movie Pilot, not only will “The Walking Dead” survivors have to fight off walkers, they will face cannibals that have invaded the church where they have sought refuge.

It appears they will be reunited and take refuge in a church. They start thinking things will return to normal, much like it was at the prison. That doesn't last long because they will be confronted by the “Hunters.”

The Hunters are cannibals. Yes, living and breathing non-walkers who eat people. According to Movie Pilot, Bob Stokey is kidnapped by the Hunters and they eat his leg.

Despite Movie Pilot's theory, it is contrary to another “The Walking Dead” spoiler. In the other spoiler, Beth is kidnapped. Someone takes her as she and Daryl try to fight of walkers at the funeral home where they took refuge.

Is it Bob or Beth that is kidnapped? Could it be both? Will “The Walking Dead” writers go back down that road where a member of the group loses a leg? Fans of “The Walking Dead” will have to watch to see.



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