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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Bob Stookey's fate in season 4

Bob Stookey
Bob Stookey
AMC/Gene Page

The fourth season of the AMC drama "The Walking Dead" is exploring character development with each new episode, and the past of each character is important for the future of the show. On Wednesday, March 12 Wetpaint Entertainment posted spoilers about Bob Stookey, a new character that was introduced in season four and will play an important role in the series.

Bob Stookey, portrayed by actor Lawrence Gilliard Jr., was a character from the comic books series by Robert Kirkman and was an army medic that resided at Woodbury. The character is also an alcoholic, which is implied in an episode where he accompanies a prison group on a supply run. After the prison attack, he ends up running through the woods with Sasha and Maggie.

In an interview with, Kirkman revealed that the writer's on the series "have always had big plans for Bob" and they will be "changing his character up a bit" as the show progresses. In "Alone," Stookey convinces Sasha to go after Maggie who is heading to the Terminus, and fans got to see how Daryl and Glenn found him on the road.

Kirkman mentioned that Bob and Sasha have relationship potential, especially after Bob suddenly kissed her in the last episode. That would be a good story arc for season five, assuming that the pair don't die in the next few episodes. Unlike the comic books, the writer's can use Gilliard's talent as an actor to put the character in new and different situations to create more drama.

There are only three episodes left on the fourth season of "The Walking Dead" and a fifth season of the series is expected to begin filming outside Atlanta in May. Bob Stookey is a very optimistic character, which sets him apart from the rest of the group focused on the worst case scenario.

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