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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Beth's fate in season 4

On Thursday, February 27 Wetpaint Entertainment posted spoilers about Beth Greene on the fourth season of "The Walking Dead," the AMC television drama that follows survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) is the youngest daughter of Hershel Greene, the owner of the farm were Rick's group took shelter in season two.

Beth Greene from 'The Walking Dead'
AMC/Gene Page

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) persuaded Beth to leave the prison with him during the attack when it seemed like everyone else had left and now the duo are on their own in the woods. The upcoming episode "Still" will showcase how Beth and Daryl are surviving. Daryl will use his hunting skills to kill snakes for them to eat while Beth makes a fire and sets traps for the walkers.

Reedus recently mentioned that "Still" is a major episode for Beth and she is a "candle in the darkness" for him. Daryl has retreated into himself since the prison attack, but Beth pushes him forward and helps him have a purpose as a leader again. Reedus recently tweeted that the new episode will be a big one for Beth, which means she will have a lot of screen time.

The sneak peeks for the episode "Alone" show Beth and Daryl visiting a cemetery during the day and possibly grieving for Hershel, who has never given a proper burial after being killed by The Governor. Later, Daryl is shown running through the cemetery and Beth refuses to leave Daryl. The discover a funeral home that someone is surviving in, but they don't meet anyone new.

In the thirteenth episode the pair get separated when Beth is taken, and Daryl does his best to track her but finally gives up. Kinney was upgraded to a series regular for season four and is expected to appear in at least two more episodes this season, including the season finale.

The fourteenth episode of season four, "The Grove," will air on Sunday, March 16 at 9 p.m. on AMC. Tune in to watch how Beth and Daryl survive in the woods moving from place to place looking for safety. There are only three episodes left in the season, and production for season five is expected to begin in May outside Atlanta.

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