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‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers and photo stills from trailer

‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers and photo stills from trailer
‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers and photo stills from trailer
Promotional images, AMC

There are two long weeks left before the return of “The Walking DeadSeason 4 on AMC. In anticipation for the final episodes of Season 4, fans are putting together any info they can to speculate on what’s to come. On Friday, January 24, AMC released a sneak peak trailer, and attached to this article are several photo stills from the video for a better look at what’s ahead. Note that spoilers are ahead from “The Walking Dead” comics.

‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers and photo stills from trailer
Promotional image, AMC

We previously reported several spoiler snippets from “The Walking Dead” comics that could happen in Season 4B, episode 9After,” and the trailer might prove some of the speculation to be true. Comic book creator Robert Kirkman said that the returning episode would be very close to the books, issue 49, to be exact.

Issue 49 features a lot of Michonne, so we might see Michonne slicing some walkers – as seen in the sneak preview and in the photos. Another photo was also released of her dragging along two new walker pets.

Rick and Carl are also front and center in issue 49, and by the looks of the trailer – they are the most seen in the sneak peak trailer for episode 9 “After.” As we spoiled before, “Rick and Carl head to a local store for supplies after leaving the prison. Rick takes an axe through a walker’s head – this is also seen in the sneak video. After that, they will take shelter in a house and Rick begins to feel sick after taking a large dose of antibiotics. This might be when Carl pleads, “Wake up! Wake up!” in the Season 4B trailer.” In the trailer, they appear to be at a bar instead of a local store, but everything else – the house, Rick feeling ill, Carl’s pleads – seem to take place.

In the comics, Carl will lead walkers away that have begun to gather outside of the house they are taking shelter in. Again, this is proven true in the trailer. Finally, Carl and Rick run into Michonne by the end of the issue. This may be why the three are the most featured in the trailer.

It's also hard to miss that all of the survivors are near or on railroad tracks. It's possible that the gang could have agreed to meet somewhere along there in case they were to ever split up.

Check out images from the trailer at the slideshow attached to this article.

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