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‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers: 4 things that may happen

'The Walking Dead' Season 5
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Unfortunately, summer is just dawning upon us, the long wait for “The Walking Dead” Season 5 continues. Filming for the new season began earlier this month, and security is as tight as ever! Not many pictures or spoilers have leaked since production started, leaving fans impatiently speculating. On Saturday, What Culture posted eight things they predicted might happen based on the comic books and events that have occurred. Below are the top four, note that comic book spoilers are ahead.

The Hunters could be revealed in the first episode of Season 5. In the comics, they are a group that has taken the path of cannibalism to survive. It has been heavily speculated that Terminus is the televised version of the Hunters. Production sure did tease this rumor by having Mary cook up some meat for the survivors that they suspiciously welcome into their “sanctuary” – only to end up locking them in train carts. It would be a huge disappointed to find that the Termites are not the Hunters.

Another thing fans are hoping takes place is the introduction of Gabriel Stokes, a preacher in the comics that has a dark past. Many are predicting that he is the one that took Beth, for her own good. Rumor has it that actor Seth Gilliam will be portraying this character. His role is described as, “friendly with puckish humor, but also having a haunted side stemming from a dark secret,” matching Stokes’ perfectly.

Morgan might be returning. “Morgan won’t make an appearance until later in the season, possibly not even until the second half after the events at Terminus,” the source writes, predicting the character’s future.

The group could be headed to Washington DC after the events at Terminus take place, well, the survivors might. All Abraham wants to do is take Eugene to Washington, and I’m sure he heavily regrets making a stop at Terminus. So after they break out and kick some Terminus butt, this could be where they are headed along with Rick and other survivors. After all, it’s not like Rick has better plans.

The Walking Dead” Season 5 premieres on AMC sometime this coming October. Check out What Culture for all eight spoilers. Keep up with all the spoilers here!

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