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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: 3 new characters arriving later this season

The Walking Dead to introduce three new cast members
The Walking Dead to introduce three new cast members
Gene Page/AMC

"The Walking Dead" television show has not always lined up with the comics, and there are some characters that appear in one form that never existed in the other. According to Wet Paint on Jan. 15, three characters from the comics will finally make their appearance for the first time later this season.

The three new characters that will be appearing on the show this season includes Abraham, Eugene and Rosita.

In the comics, Abraham was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army and met up a doctor named Eugene, who claimed he knew of sanctuary in Washington D.C. Eugene also said he was a scientist working on a cure, but his story might not be as clear as he make it sound. The two of them team up with a woman named Rosita, who is basically a kind and caring person, and head towards D.C. and the supposed sanctuary.

They all end up setting up shop with the survivors at the Hilltop Community. With them appearing on the show this season, it makes it look like Hilltop might be coming, and along with that comes The Saviors and Negan.

Michael Cudlitz ("Southland") will play Abraham, Josh McDermitt ("Retired at 35") will play Eugene and Christian Serratos ("Twilight") will play Rosita. The rumors are that they will appear around Episode 10.