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'The Walking Dead' spoiler roundup for season 4, episode 12 'Still'

On Monday, February 24 Wetpaint Entertainment posted a bunch of spoilers for "Still," the twelfth episode of the fourth season of "The Walking Dead" which will feature Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene as they try to survive in the woods after the prison attack. The executive producers have revealed that Daryl will be featured heavily in one of the episodes in the back half of season four, and it looks like "Still" is that episode.

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AMC/Gene Page
Emily Kinney as Beth Greene
AMC/Gene Page

Daryl and Beth are shown in previews running through a golf course and searching abandoned properties for shelter. One clip shows the two checking to see if a car runs until walkers start to come out of the woods and the duo hides in the trunk until they pass. They also encounter walkers instead buildings and it looks like Beth hides while Daryl fights them off.

Daryl seems to have shut down emotionally, after ignoring Beth in the previous episode, but the pair keep moving to stay alive. The pair hasn't found the train tracks, the signs for the Terminus, or encountered any other survivors at this point.

Daryl will resume his hunting and although he misses catching a squirrel he does later manage to kill a snake for them to eat. While Daryl is hunting, Beth is using the side view mirror from a car to start a small fire and setting up traps to keep the walkers away.

There was talk of a possible romance between Daryl and Beth at the prison, and Beth seemed to have a crush of him. However, now that the pair are running for their lives is appears that the relationship is much more like a brother and sister with Daryl ding whatever he can to keep Beth safe even if it puts them both in danger.

The promo for the episode has Beth's voice revealing that she is no longer writing in her journal or keeping tracks of the days since their time at the prison. With each group scattered and stories being told in pieces with each episode, it's possible that days or even weeks have passed since everyone was at the prison.

"Still" will air on Sunday, March 2 at 9 p.m. on AMC. The previews show Beth and Daryl searching for food and shelter as well as camping out in the woods and setting up traps for walkers. The episode seems to focus more on character development for Beth and Daryl than any other immediate threat or new characters.

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