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'The Walking Dead' spoiler: Daryl gets his knife over a rabbit, 'piece of tail'

Has Daryl joined the Hunters on "The Walking Dead?"
Frederick M. Brown/Getty

During the latest episode of “The Talking Dead,” which aired on March 16, a video spoiler was shown of next week's episode of “The Walking Dead.” Fans will be happy to learn that Daryl Dixon will make an appearance on the episode to be aired on March 23. From what “The Walking Dead” sneak peak showed, Daryl pulls a knife on one of his new companions.

The sneak peak begins just after Daryl has killed a rabbit. Another man “claims” the rabbit as his. Daryl disagrees with him, but the man continues to explain how the rabbit belongs to him. Daryl argues a bit, but turns and walks away.

That is when the man starts talking how Daryl must be missing a “piece a tail.” The man will not let up, laughing about how it must have “been young” to have Daryl so upset. The man continues about how the young do not survive. That is when Daryl reaches for his knife and unsnaps the knife's sheath.

There are several things that the sneak peak of the next “The Walking Dead” episode doesn't explain or show. It doesn't explain why the man would think Daryl is upset about a “piece of tail.” It doesn't explain why the man would think that piece of tail would be young. It doesn't show Daryl actually pulling the knife on the man.

“I have to know why the man thought [the piece of tail] would be young,” Bridget Craig, a fan of “The Walking Dead” from Oklahoma City, said. “I wonder if Daryl told the new group about Beth. I'm thinking they have her and Daryl doesn't know it.”

The real question fans of “The Walking Dead” should be asking is whether or not Daryl is now with the group known as the Hunters. It is the Hunters that are expected to invade the church where the prison group reunites. The Hunters are also cannibals.

Fans will have to keep watching. The fourth season of “The Walking Dead” is almost over.” There is little time left to find out what happens before this season ends.

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