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‘The Walking Dead’ spoiler alert: What is next? ‘Claimed’ (video)

Last week, after watching ‘The Walking Dead’ fans were left with questions answered and new questions to ponder. With spoiler alerts announcing that baby Judith would die – it turned out she was really alive. Saturday, The Stir predicts that Rick, Michonne, Karl will unite with Glenn and Tara in the upcoming episode (411) “Claimed.” Glenn will take off to find Maggie – and that seems a logical course to take.

The Stir also hints about the Terminus sign that was the focus of the premiere’s episode: "Sanctuary for all, community for all" is the Terminus promise true?

Spoiler fan sites attempt to answer questions that ‘THW’ addicts hope get answered quickly. Saturday’s brings viewers up to speed with background information filling in the gaps for new viewers.

Wet Paint focuses on Rick Grimes as a leader and the new trio that has emerged in this season. Fans will learn about the alcoholic past of Bob Stookey, Michonne’s past will become more clear and perhaps the new character Tara will be seen more too.

OTRC reports on the last episode and then teases with the thought of Carole committing suicide after losing Lizzie and Mika and possibly teaming up with Tyreese.

Primetime Primetime then gives the best spoiler for tonight’s episode:

“As Abraham and Glenn begin fighting, walkers appear from the fields and while Eugene shouts for help he is ignored so begins firing at the walkers – and hits the military truck causing the fuel to leak out all over the road.”

Primetime goes on reveal that Carl and Michonne go ‘walker’ hunting and we learn about Michonne’s past family life with baby. Rick will have to hide from visitors and the new trio will emerge to capture audience attention.

To see if these spoilers are true, watch Sunday on AMC 9/8c or watch the following day on

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