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'The Walking Dead' spinoff dubbed 'companion' show: All new cast and location

"The Walking Dead" spinoff show is coming, sooner than you may think!
"The Walking Dead" spinoff show is coming, sooner than you may think!
AMC The Walking Dead

If you can’t get enough of “The Walking Dead” and if you are wondering what other folks are doing during the zombie apocalypse around the nation, then you are in luck. “The Walking Dead” spin-off show is coming, but instead the folks from AMC would like to consider this a “companion show” according to Hollywood Life on March 28.

For “The Walking Dead” new show to actually be a spinoff, you’d expect some of the cast from the original “Walking Dead” to show up in the new series, but that’s not going to happen. The new “companion” series will offer an all new cast and they will be situated somewhere far away from Rick and the crew.

With a zombie apocalypse the story line possibilities are endless, so this gives some creative minds a blank canvas to paint. The show which has been rumored to start in 2015, may be coming sooner than that, reports Hollywood Life.

No one is saying what the new show will offer and it is not known if this companion show will air during the same months that “The Walking Dead” does giving fans two nights a week of new shows. Chances are this new show will have its season when “The Walking Dead” ends theirs. This could mean that there will always be a new “Walking Dead” episode to look forward to every week.

Nothing is revealed on the day, time, season duration or even the name of the new show as of yet. For the real die-hard fans, just the thought of more “Walking Dead” has stirred up some excitement for those who can’t get enough of these zombies!