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‘The Walking Dead’ spin-off has a been given a title

‘The Walking Dead’ spin-off has a been given a title
‘The Walking Dead’ spin-off has a been given a title
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It’s been several months since fans learned there would be a spin-off to “The Walking Dead.” With the passing of time, very little information about the new series has come to light. In a recent interview with talk show host Larry King, ‘TWD’ showrunner Scott Gimple finally revealed a little something about the new series, according to an April 23 post on Wetpaint.

Scott won’t be involved with the new series. He is in too deeply with the original to make time for another show. Still, his proximity to important players like Robert Kirkman, the man who created the comic and will be creating the new show, gives him access to information. Information is what fans are looking for.

During Gimple’s appearance on “Larry King Now,” he was asked by King about the spin-off. Gimple confirmed that Kirkman is working on the project along with “a very talented writer Dave Erickson.”

Next, King asked him directly if he knew the name of the new show. The answer was equally direct. Gimple, said, “I don’t, but I’m smart enough to know that ‘The Walking Dead’ will be in the title.”

Okay, we’ll grant that isn’t much of a reveal but it is a little surprising in one way. Kirkman and his team have been very vocal in talking about how the new show will be totally separate from the original with no crossover. With that in mind, it is a little surprising the show would carry the original name as part of its own name.

Perhaps the powers that be feel the moniker tie-in will help boost the new show when it starts. Over on ABC, the folks behind the hit show “Once Upon a Time” did something similar. When they spun-off a new series, they kept the name in place, too, and “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” was born. That show ran for one 13-episode season and was cancelled. Let’s hope it doesn’t work out like that for the new “The Walking Dead” spin-off

What do you think the name of “The Walking Dead” spin-off should be?