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'The Walking Dead': Seth Gilliam's character will bring a lot of conflict

Seth Gilliam will appear on "The Walking Dead" season 5
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Every day it seems there is a little more information on what to expect in season 5 of "The Walking Dead." While some of it is based on speculation or set location photos from fans, others come from interviews with the cast and crew. On Wednesday, The Walking Dead Forums posted an interview creator Robert Kirkman had with The Hollywood Reporter. In that interview, Kirkman reveals a bit of information about Seth Gilliam's character.

This year, the creator and producers are trying to keep spoilers to a minimum, but sometimes fans visiting the filming locations get great photos. Those photos can reveal a lot of information. This was the case when Seth Gilliam was photographed wearing a black suit and white collar, which seemed to confirm to many fans that he will be playing a priest. In the comics, there is a priest named Father Gabriel Stokes.

The Hollywood Reporter asked Kirkman about Gilliam's suspected role of Father Gabriel. Kirkman wouldn't confirm or deny the character role, but did say that whoever Seth is playing, he will bring a lot of conflict. He also said that Seth's character will bring a lot of "really cool character traits to the mix."

Assuming that Gilliam is playing Father Gabriel or some sort of remix of the comic book character, fans are busy speculating what his storyline will be. Viewers have had a theory for months that he was the one who kidnapped Beth. While many assume that she was kidnapped for evil or crazy reasons, some viewers have a different opinion.

On The Spoiling Dead Forums back in March, a fan suggested that Father Gabriel may have kidnapped Beth because he was trying to save her. The commenter explained that he saw Beth running away from the house with Daryl following a few minutes later. He could have though she was running from him and grabbed her in an attempt to save her life. This is just one theory and fans have many more.

What is your take on Seth Gilliam's character? Do you think that he is playing Father Gabriel Stokes? If he kidnapped Beth, what was his reason for doing so? What do you think Robert Kirkman meant by Seth's character bringing lots of conflict on "The Walking Dead" season 5?

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