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‘The Walking Dead’ set photos may hint at Father Gabriel's backstory, more

Seth Gilliam has been confirmed as a series regular for season 5 of “The Walking Dead” but what role he’ll play has not been confirmed. Many believe he will portray Father Gabriel, a character straight out of the comic books who is due to arrive in the story time line about now. Thanks to an article published June 28 by Comic Book and some set photos that confirmation seems close at hand.

A church bus used on 'The Walking Dead'
The Walking Dead, set photos, Father Gabriel, Season 5, AMC
‘The Walking Dead’ set photos may hint at Father Gabriel's backstory, more
Photo from Facebook/The Spoiling Dead Fans

The Facebook group The Spoiling Dead Fans posted a pair of photos recently. This group is the one keeping track of filming locations in Georgia and what’s going on with the season 5 productions. One depicts an overturned church bus. The other is of the Dolly Nixon set and shows billowing smoke rising in the distance.

Some suggest the photo of the bus could be from a flashback scene. The bus does seem to be relatively clean in the photograph. If, as some fans think, Beth was abducted by Father Gabriel in the mysterious car, then this could be from a flashback. Gabriel’s backstory from the comic book story line says that he lost his whole flock. Most of them left when he refused to help them. That could fit with this image.

Another possibility is that the bus ties in somehow to the group running Terminus. They also had a church of sorts though it seemed to be dedicated primarily to mourning. Seeing as Andrew J. West who played Gareth in the season 4 finale has been made a regular, it’s not likely the Terminus people are just going to disappear after the season 5 premiere so this is a plausible theory too.

There are a few more photos of a ghoulish fire truck being used in filming from The Spoiling Dead Fans’ Facebook page too. How the fire truck figures in is anybody’s guess.

Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” will premiere in October. For those who can’t wait, there will be a ‘Walking Dead’ marathon over 4th of July weekend. That should whet fans’ appetites. During the marathon, AMC plans to release a tiny teaser of what’s to come. And more news is expected when the series appears at Comic Con International in San Diego next month.

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