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'The Walking Dead' Season Premiere

Are you ready for AMC’s “The Walking Dead”?

Are You Ready For This?

The kingdom has been breached by the Governor and overrun by flesh-eating, day-walking zombies whose only threat is a gunshot wound to the head or a swift sword if you are feeling a bit Michonne-ish.

“The Walking Dead” returns tonight but the question is ‘Will it be good?’. According to nytimesdaily Norman Reedus says,

“It’s some of our best episodes, some of our darkest and some of our best written People are really going to lose their minds on this one. It’s really bananas.”

With every sense of security and home dissipated at the destruction of the prison our characters had turned into a home, the group has been broken apart and is left to fend for themselves.

When asking some fans located here in Miami about what they look forward to the most, many viewers replied “Answers!”

A twenty-nine year old woman named Marie voiced her concerns, “I really want to find out what happened to that baby. Did you see the long on Rick’s face when they found an empty, bloodied car seat?”

One die-hard fan revealed his concern with the Governor as it relates to the “The Walking Dead” comic book, “The Governor can’t be dead. I mean, we didn’t actually SEE him die. We just head the gunshot and the camera cut away.”

How will the death of Hershel change Maggie and her sister? How will it affect Michonne? Now that Darryl is without the group will he maintain his ruthless rein over the living dead?

Watch the premiere in this article and come back after the show for more input, spoilers and your take on what will happen on the next episode of “The Walking Dead”.

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