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'The Walking Dead' season finale: 'Unthinkable' acts to take place at Terminus?

"Unthinkable" acts to happen at Terminus?
"Unthinkable" acts to happen at Terminus?
amc/YouTube (screen capture)

There are signs all over the Georgia countryside leading survivors of the zombie apocalypse to a place called Terminus. The motto "all who arrive survive" give people hope and they read the maps and follow the directions on the signs to head to the "sanctuary." Maggie's and Glenn's groups along with Abraham's trio have finally arrived at Terminus. On March 27, MTV reported that while it seems like a safe haven at first, it is really a trap and those who enter will endure "unthinkable" and "horrible" acts.

Warning: If you do not want to know "The Walking Dead" season 4 finale spoilers, then stop reading.

While the characters followed the signs, holding on to that shred of hope that there was someplace safe, viewers were not convinced. Things became even more suspicious when the group came to the gates and found them closed, but unlocked. There was nobody in sight, not a single guard looking out for walkers or visitors with ill intentions. It almost seemed empty or abandoned. As they walked through, there was a huge vegetable garden, a place to wash clothes and it seemed very peaceful, beautiful and tranquil.

Then they finally encountered a woman named Mary, who was cooking something on the grill and didn't seem to be carrying a weapon. She had a warm smile for them and seemed very hospitable. However, some fans have written on social networking sites that she seemed mechanical, robotic and that her behavior even reminded them of the Stepford Wives, only creepier.

Josh McDermitt, who plays Eugene Porter on "The Walking Dead" thinks that fans are going to be satisfied with the season 4 finale. He said,

"This group just lost the prison. They're on railroad tracks, they're in the woods, they're on the road. They're just trying to find each other. Hopefully, Terminus becomes this thing where everyone can regroup and rebuild their lives."

It would be nice if Terminus is everything it promises to be, but fans know that it is not. There is something very wrong with the place. A New Zealand sneak peek for "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 16, which keeps popping up and then being removed on YouTube and other websites shows some pretty intense stuff.

Reddit users have been talking about the season finale as well and there are reports that Terminus is actually a base camp for the Hunters, a group of cannibals. However, fans shouldn't worry that the evils of the sanctuary won't be revealed until season 5. If the spoiler reports are correct, then things will be exposed on the season 4 finale, titled "A." There will be a lot of gunfire, Daryl looks like he gets into a fight and Rick shows up in a sneak peek clip, looking like he is being tortured or is finally going crazy one last time. There will also be a room full of lit candles with ominous writing on the wall, a gun will be retrieved from a barbecue grill, presumably left over from cooking a human and the Claimers will finally come across Rick. Also, a man will try to sexually assault Carl, but Rick will stop him and one person on Reddit said that he would tear out the guy's throat with his teeth.

It definitely sounds like "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 16, titled "A" will be the best season finale to date.

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