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'The Walking Dead' season finale: Terminus speculations

On the last episode of "The Walking Dead," Maggie and Glenn's group made it to Terminus. The "sanctuary" has advertised itself to be a safe haven for survivors, offering hope to those who are desperate, tired and hopeless. Signs and maps were posted all across the Georgia countryside inviting all to come. So what exactly is Terminus? Is it really a sanctuary, a place where survivors can feel safe? On March 24, Zap2It wrote about Terminus and if it is too good to be true.

Terminus speculations for the season 4 finale of "The Walking Dead"
amc/YouTube (screen capture)

Warning: If you do not want to know "The Walking Dead" season finale spoilers, then stop reading.

The season finale is titled "A," which offers zero clues on what the episode will be about. However, there are spoilers, sneak peek clips and plenty of speculations circulating the Internet. Besides wondering if all of the main characters will make it to Terminus, one of the biggest questions has to do with what exactly Terminus is.

Appearances can be deceiving

On the last episode, Maggie and Glenn's group made it to the sanctuary and right away viewers were suspicious because the gates were unlocked and there was nobody around standing guard. At first it almost seemed abandoned because there were no people in sight. Eventually they approached a woman who had her back to them, who was cooking something on a grill. Most people, especially survivors of a zombie apocalypse would immediately turn around at the sound of someone approaching. However, she didn't and it didn't look like she had any kind of weapons nearby either. In fact, she turned around slowly and had a nice, friendly smile on her face. She appeared to be a harmless woman who had a warm smile and didn't seemed worried or anxious about anything.

Even though she looks friendly, sweet, kind and has a motherly type of hospitality attitude, looks can be deceiving. The Governor was able to fool people with his words while Lizzie being a child led others to assume she wasn't evil or disturbed. Could Mary's friendly smile be hiding something horrible?

Is Terminus "home base" for the Hunters?

When Terminus is discussed, there are a lot of theories. Someone asked what Mary was cooking on the barbecue. While the majority of fans assume that it is some kind of food, one viewer wondered if she was actually cooking human meat. If this were to be correct, then that would mean she, along with the other Terminus residents were cannibals. In the comic books, there was a group of cannibals called the Hunters, but it doesn't seem like this theory is likely.

Woodbury 2.0

Another Terminus speculation is that the sanctuary is going to be like Woodbury, but worse. Gareth will be introduced in the "A" episode. Could he be the next villain? A Google+ user said a few months back that if the storyline was going to follow the comics at all, then the next villain would make the Governor look like Prince Charming. Could Gareth be the next enemy and if so, how does he run Terminus and how will this affect the main characters?

Rebuilding the world

Executive producer Greg Nicotero spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about "The Walking Dead" season finale and Terminus was discussed. He said,

"If it's a group of people that have been posting signs all over the Georgia countryside and doing radio messages, they're trying to rebuild the world. I'm sure that they have had to deal with good people who showed up and probably people who wanted to rob them, who knows. But you have to start somewhere..."

Throughout the past four seasons, there have been people who survived in different ways. Michonne had zombies on a leash to disguise her "fresh meat" scent and the Governor created Woodbury. Hershel had his farm which was his own way to protect his family and then the main characters tried to create a community with the prison. Viewers recently met the Claimers, who have their own method of surviving, although it seems harsh to some and now fans will see how the residents at Terminus are making it in the destroyed world. Nicotero explained,

"... we're now getting a chance to learn about Terminus that has been able to survive and not be so creepy, weird and malevolent about it. Everyone gets to Terminus and smiles and thinks, 'Maybe the world isn't all a bad place.'"

It seems from his statements that Terminus may not be a bad place to be. However, it does seem too good to be true. It is true that people who arrive may smile and be filled with hope, but that doesn't mean that the sanctuary isn't holding some dark secrets.

"The Walking Dead" season 4 finale is titled "A" and will air on March 30.

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