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'The Walking Dead' season finale spoilers: Will Team Prison meet again?

The season finale is quickly approaching for "The Walking Dead," will Team Prison meet once again?
The season finale is quickly approaching for "The Walking Dead," will Team Prison meet once again?
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh

On March 18 Latin Times shares some season finale spoilers for "The Walking Dead" that fans have been dying to know. Since the mid season premiere of the show, team prison has been separated into four groups, each searching for the others. Individual groups have dwindled and some have grown larger, but in the end, they will find each other. However, it won't be such a happy ending as fans would hope.

More deaths will occur and as is always stated, it could be anybody. Rick will be met with sheer brutality and the group is going to be struggling to survive. This could mean that several deaths of our favorite characters could occur. The whole group will see each other in the end, and Carol will be reunited with Rick, but will he accept her back? Would he understand why she had to kill Lizzie?

The Governor will make his way back in the season finale, but fans already know that he was wounded when Lilly shot him, so whether he returns in a flashback or as himself is unknown. Either could be a possibility since the first we saw of him this season he looked like he was about to die and pulled through. Since storming the prison and killing Hershel, we haven't seen anything of him again. He could be the leader of Terminus for all we know.

The season finale is also going to bring us Gareth. While this is his first appearance of this season, he is slated to be a series regular for season five. There is literally nothing known about this character and even Robert Kirkman has gone out of his way to remain quiet about him. From what we do know of Gareth, he is a mixture of many unidentified characters from the comic book, but not a specific person, so he is a veritable wild card that nobody can really research or look up because he is everybody and nobody. Sound scary? He's supposed to be quite terrifying.