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'The Walking Dead' season finale speculation: Who will die in 'A'?

Who will die on "The Walking Dead" season 4 finale?
Who will die on "The Walking Dead" season 4 finale?
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"The Walking Dead" season 4 will be airing its final episode in less than a week and with viewers finally seeing Maggie and Glenn reunite and getting a first look at Terminus, fans are wondering what is going to happen next. At least one death is to be expected, but which character will be leaving the "TWD" family? On March 26, the Facebook page The Walking Dead Women posted speculations on who will bite the dust.

Warning: If you do not want to know "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 16 spoilers or fan speculation, then stop reading.

There are several characters who could die and as Robert Kirkman has said many times, nobody is safe, not even Rick or Daryl. So who will have their last appearance on the season finale episode, titled "A?"


Right now nobody knows where Beth is, who kidnapped her or if she is even alive. Her character didn't have much screen time or a real storyline in the past. However, during the season break it was stated that Beth would have more screen time. When the second half of season 4 aired, she did get some screen time, but then she was kidnapped.

Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie on the show, recently had an interview and while she couldn't give any spoilers, she did say that Beth was in a very scary situation, she was worried for her, but the kidnapping issue would not be resolved anytime soon. So while it is possible that Beth could be dead, it sounds like fans won't find out on "The Walking Dead" season finale.

Even though she is a main character of the show, she has mostly been seen and not heard. There is so much more to Beth that could be done. People are complex and it just seems like Beth's character development hasn't been worked on like the others. If they keep her alive, they could give her character an amazing transformation, just like how Carol evolved over the seasons.


The Walking Dead Women posted that Bob could die on the season finale. This is a real possibility. Nothing was really known about him until the second half of season 4 aired. Even so, all fans really found out was how he ended up at the prison and what he told Daryl and Glenn about always being the final survivor of every group he joined. He does seem to have a bit of a connection with Sasha, but Bob's character isn't really doing anything that is adding to the storyline.


The Facebook page also suggested that Sasha may end up dying on "The Walking Dead" season finale. While a little bit is known about her and she gets some decent screen time, does she really have a future on "The Walking Dead?" Her brother Tyreese has such strong storylines while Sasha's have only really been her getting sick and being convinced that Tyreese and Glenn were dead. There doesn't seem to be much of a future for her character. While it is possible that the writers are going to work on character development for her or are creating a great storyline for Sasha, the chances of her surviving are slim.


Viewers have seen Carl as a young kid when "The Walking Dead" first began airing, then he grew and his character went through some changes. He has been an innocent child, an older child who wanted to be just like his father and they have also seen the angry and cold part of him in the last season. Carl's character has gone through many changes and fans have watched him grow. Lately Carl hasn't been doing much in "The Walking Dead" and unless there is an amazing storyline planned for him, it is possible that he could be killed off. There just doesn't seem to be much of a future for him and his relevancy to the show is dwindling.

Do you have any theories on who will die on "The Walking Dead" season finale episode titled "A?"

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