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'The Walking Dead' season 5 trailer: More comic book stories and conflict

It's finally here. On July 25 Variety posted the first official trailer for the upcoming fifth season of "The Walking Dead," the zombie apocalypse drama on AMC. Filming began in Georgia back in May, and fans have been waiting for a first look at what the new season will bring after the season four cliffhanger involving Terminus. The trailer, which is nearly three and a half minutes long, picks up just minutes after the previous episode and explores more story lines from the comic book series.

'The Walking Dead' cast at San Diego Comic-Con
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The new sixteen episode series will debut on Sunday, October 12 at 9 p.m. on AMC. The first eight episodes of the season will air until December 2014 and the remaining eight will air in spring 2015. Show runner Scott M. Gimple has mentioned in the past that each eight episodes of the show change things up and it's a different type of show. The trailer reveals that one of the main plot points from the comic book series will be appearing.

Robert Kirkman, who created the comic book series that the show is based on, revealed that three survivors named Rosita, Sergeant Abraham Ford, and Dr. Eugene Porter would encounter the prison survivors and reveal the existence of a possible cure for the walker outbreak. The group would then all travel to Washington D.C. to figure out a cure. Those three characters were introduced in season four, and promoted to series regulars for season five.

The trailer featured Bob, Daryl, Rick and the others being tied up and talking with Gareth (Andrew J. West) about the purpose of Terminus. There are shots of the group running around Terminus and still being prisoners in the train car. Rick and Abraham finally meet and clash over who to get out of Terminus. Everyone is shown with Gareth in a room with candles talking about how they need to leave to find the cure in Washington D.C. and can't stay and help.

On July 25 The Hollywood Reporter gave a break down of the trailer and mentioned how unlike season four, the prison survivors will all be back together again. The trailer has spoilers for the new episodes, including that Carol and Tyreese make it to Terminus. There are several shots of Rick holding Judith, so it's safe to say she is still alive and Carl and Rick are relieved to see her. The entire group from the train car is shown walking in the woods towards Washington D.C., and it seems the first half of the season will focus on their journey.

Emily Kinney, who plays Beth Greene, also has a small role in the trailer as a prisoner. She is wearing uniform and being held against her will in an undisclosed facility. She was taken by a car with a cross in the back window during season four, and the executive producers on the series have mentioned she will have a large role in season five. She has been spotted filming on set with other actors and appears to be the only member of team prison still separated.

The walkers are as gruesome as ever, and Rick is shown shooting through herds with a rifle and a water cannon taking out walkers that approach the fence. Terminus uses the same tactics as the prison, by killing walkers with objects when they get to the fence and moving the bodies later. Michonne and everyone else appears to get their weapons back and the first few episodes feature a major battle and new revelations for the future.

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