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'The Walking Dead' season 5: Terminus to be revisited in later episodes?

Andrew J. West plays Gareth in "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for MTV

"The Walking Dead" season 4 finale left off with a cliffhanger and viewers wondered what the deal was with Gareth and the folks at Terminus. It is a popular theory that they are cannibals and there are clues supporting that theory, but nobody will know for sure until the show returns in October. It was also reported that Terminus would be dealt with quickly when season 5 premieres. While they may be dealt with, it seems that might not be the end of the story. On July 14, WetPaint reported that Terminus might be revisited in later episodes.

Over the weekend, The Spoiling Dead Fans heard that there was filming going on at Terminus. On Sunday, the spoiler page was able to confirm those reports, although it wasn't clear if an episode was being shot or if it was promotional filming. Later TSDF posted a photo, writing that tarps were put up around Terminus and that the day before, Rick, Sasha and Abe along with costume designer Eulyn Womble were seen at that location. There are also reports that filming was taking place inside the building.

This has fans wondering if the group will go back to Terminus for some reason. Yesterday Entertainment Weekly posted a photo of Daryl Dixon bound and gagged. Some fans thought that he was captured by the people at Terminus while others believed that it had something to do with finding Beth. It was also reported by Walker Stalkers (a term coined to fans who visit the set regularly) that Carol gets hit by a car and when she faints, they load her in the back of a station wagon. Could Gareth and the folks at Terminus be responsible for kidnapping Beth, taking Carol and capturing Daryl? Is that why the others end up back at Terminus, will it turn into another war?

What are your theories on "The Walking Dead" season 5? Why do you think there is more filming taking place at Terminus? Do you think they might be doing promotional filming, reshooting some scenes or will the group be going back to Terminus in later episodes?

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