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'The Walking Dead' season 5 teaser clip featuring Carol, Tyreese and baby Judith

On July 7, the official Facebook page for AMC posted a teaser clip for season 5 of "The Walking Dead." The clip features Carol, Tyreese and baby Judith. While the short video didn't reveal much, it did make fans worry for the safety of their group.

Melissa McBride plays Carol on "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Jason Merritt

The clip shows Carol sitting in the woods. She looks like she is deep in though, a bit worried. Suddenly she notices a large group of walkers headed in her direction. She quietly tells Tyreese, who is holding baby Judith, that there are more of them. The small group quietly rushes to hide behind some trees and watches them go by.

Although Carol and Tyreese seeing walkers isn't unusual in a show like "The Walking Dead," the clip does give one clue. First, they are on railroad tracks. This is having a lot of fans speculate that they are on their way to Terminus, unaware of the danger that awaits them.

Even though "The Walking Dead" season 5 teaser clip is less than a minute long, fans are gathering clues from other sources. The Spoiling Dead and its followers have been keeping viewers updated on filming. So far fans have heard that there is going to be a blood-drenched fire truck, a crashed bus and a car chase that will end in a shoot out. Also, there are rumors that Carol will get hit by a car that has a cross on the back window. Those same reports also state that two people will exit the car in police uniforms, Carol will faint and they will put her on a cot and load her in the back of the vehicle.

If these reports are true, fans shouldn't worry about Carol. Even though she will get "kidnapped," it is likely part of her plan. She may be surprised by the car, but Carol just isn't the fainting type. It seems likely that she fakes fainting, either because she knows her chances of getting away from the two individuals is slim. That way she can have the upper hand when they least expect it. Another possibility is that they will lead her to Beth, but as far as fans know, she and Tyreese have no idea she is even missing yet.

Fans have revealed that shortly after the kidnapping scene was shot, Melissa McBride was seen with what appeared to be rope burns on her wrists. Her stunt double was also seen, looking really roughed up.

What do you think of "The Walking Dead" season 5 teaser clip? Do you have any theories on what will happen with Carol, Tyreese and baby Judith?

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