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'The Walking Dead' season 5 spoilers: Robert Kirkman talks action and suspense

The fifth season of the popular AMC television drama "The Walking Dead" began filming last week and the season will be even more action packed than the previous ones. On May 20 Entertainment Weekly posted spoilers from executive producer Robert Kirkman about what fans can expect from the new season. Filming for the sixteen episode season is taking place outside Atlanta and Terminus is located at an abandoned train depot.

Robert Kirkman
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh

Kirkman is currently on the set overseeing the filming of the new episodes, and described how many of the questions about Terminus will be answered early in the season. Fans have already documented actors like Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln and Steven Yeun filming scenes inside and outside Terminus. There have been explosions and gunfire reported and it seems that there is a lot of action going on at Terminus in what is believed to be the first episode.

Kirkman revealed that the new season will be "magical" and everyone on the cast and crew can't wait to "start sharing things with people." This season is much different than previous seasons, since filming is taking place in one location, which leads to spoilers and gatherings of fans. Kirkman talked about the need for much more secrecy on set to make sure pictures don't leak and reveal spoilers months before the episodes air.

Wetpaint Entertainment also revealed on May 19 that fans posted a video and photos of groups of walkers around Terminus. Local residents were notified of loud explosions and gunfire and there was some sort of attack on the compound. Dead walkers and charred bodies were shown on the ground with smoke everywhere. Fans have snapped photos of other cast members filming nearby as well as heard scenes filmed inside the Terminus buildings.

It's possible that Rick and the rest of the survivors attempted to escape the train compartment where they have been imprisoned by the citizens of Terminus. Or the attack would have something to do with the origin of Terminus, and give some truth to what the people are doing there. Kirkman has mentioned that speculation about the group being the cannibals from the comic books is either true or untrue, but the secret won't be secret for much longer.

Filming for the first episode has officially been wrapped and it takes between a week and ten days to film a complete episode. Filming is expected to last through the summer and into fall before the series debuts on AMC in October. At least one new cast member, played by actor Seth Gilliam, will be joining the cast for season five. There will also be no time jump between season four and season five.

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