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'The Walking Dead' season 5 spoilers: Mary's role at Terminus

The fifth season of the AMC drama "The Walking Dead" begin production next week, and spoilers and information is already leaking out about the newer characters. On April 29 Wetpaint Entertainment posted spoilers about Mary's role at Terminus and the connection to the comic book series. The fifth season is scheduled to air in October.

Emily Kinney
Photo by Catrina Maxwell

In the final episodes of season four, some of the prison groups finally made it to Terminus. The first group were welcomed by Mary, a woman who was busy cooking on a grill when they arrived and offered them food. She has a role similar to the one Carol had at the prison, which is keeping things running and everyone fed. Many fans have speculated that the residents of Terminus are the cannibals from the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, a claim that kirkman or anyone else involved in the show will confirm or deny.

Greg Nicotero, a special effects and makeup artist who will direct episodes of the new season, mentioned that the scenes with the blood and bones from the finale was done deliberately to get fans talking about the motives of the citizens of Terminus. He revealed that he knows what Mary is cooking but is not allowed to reveal anything yet. Robert Kirkman, comic book series creator and executive producer also recently revealed that the mystery would not last for long.

On April 29 TVLine posted an interview with Kirkman who talked about how the many questions about the season four finale will be answered early in the season. Kirkman acknowledged that the theory of the citizens of Terminus being cannibals is very possible but not the only option. The Terminus people will be much more dangerous than any other adversaries the group has encountered before.

Terminus is not a place that is trying to rebuild the old world, like Woodbury, and all of the citizens are living in a very specific way. The supposed safe haven is a string of abandoned buildings fenced in with people who lock anyone who makes it there up inside train cars. The scenes for Terminus are filmed at an old train station outside Atlanta.

Current show runner Scott M. Gimple mentioned that each set of eight episodes is like a miniseries, and stories will be wrapped up or expanded with each group of episodes. So from the premiere episode to the midseason finale, there is a story arc that is mostly finished and sets up the second half of the season. This was true with The Governor's death and the attack on the prison leading to groups scattering and finding each other at Terminus in the finale.

Cast and crew members are arriving in Georgia ahead of filming which is expected to begin on Monday. The thirteen episode season will be filmed through the fall, premiering on AMC in late October just like the previous seasons. The fifth season will introduce new characters and take the series in a new direction now that Rick and the other survivors have been captured.

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