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‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 spoilers: Beth returns and Terminus secrets shared

"The Walking Dead"
Photo by Catrina Maxwell

Spoilers for season 5 of “The Walking Dead” are already starting to surface, and showrunner Scott Gimple is giving fans more insight. The AMC TV blog reports on April 3 that Gimple is sharing details about Beth’s fate and other show secrets in an exclusive interview.

Gimple shares that Beth is somewhere, and her exact location will be revealed next season. He warns fans that they may have a mix of heartbreaking and heartwarming feelings once they learn the truth, but he promises they will not be disappointed. The hints seem to imply Beth is still alive and may be saved, but the show has lied to fans in the past about a character’s fate.

The truth about Terminus should begin to unravel in the first episodes of the next season, and fans will finally learn if they are cannibals. Since Terminus does not appear in the comic books, many people are comparing the residents of the sanctuary to the Hunters who are cannibals. However, the survivors may not stay in Terminus for long and are rumored to make a fast escape, so they can take a journey to Washington D.C.

Gimple calls the next season a “nuclear weapon” and seems to suggest that action will be more important than character development. Despite him sharing the screen with others, fans can also expect to see more Rick Grimes next season. However, he may not resemble the Rick from previous seasons because Robert Kirkman has promised he will be a different person. In addition, Tara, Rosita and Gareth are now listed as regulars on “The Walking Dead,” so fans can expect them to stay for a while.

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