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'The Walking Dead' season 5: Scott M. Gimple talks romance

"The Walking Dead" isn't all about zombies, or walkers as they are called in the show. There is also love and romance. The television series already has one couple that has been through thick and thin, Maggie and Glenn. Fans wonder if there will be more romance for some of the other characters. On Aug. 6, AMC posted a Q&A with Scott M. Gimple that answers this question.

Romance possibilities in season 5 of "The Walking Dead"
Courtesy of AMC

The Q&A went over a lot of things, with romance just being one of them. A previous spoiler report revealed that season 5 would have a new love interest. Fans have been debating on who it could be.

While Gimple couldn't reveal who would find love in "The Walking Dead" season 5, he did say that love was going to be an element, but it won't be a huge one. He added that when it gets closer to a specific part of the season, it will be more of a reality and a complication. He stated,

"Human nature, all the good and bad parts, are things that both complement and compromise survival. Love is part of that.”

WetPaint also wrote on the subject and include some comic book spoilers that could give hints. In the comics, Rick was involved in a love triangle with a woman named Jessie Anderson. She was married and abused by her husband. This occurred when they got to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Even though it is a possibility that Rick gets a love interest, it might not be him at all. If the theory is correct, it could apply to any character.

Many fans are trying to guess which characters will make a love connection. There are many different possibilities. While there is no proof on who will get together, it is still fun to speculate.

Daryl and Carol, or Caryl as they are dubbed, have mixed reactions from fans. Some people think they would be great together while others would prefer to see him with Beth. Then there are those who think Daryl Dixon is best by himself.

Then there is the possibility of Daryl and Beth. Fans that are for the relationship think they share a common bond. She has learned how to be tougher and how to survive. He has fallen apart and gotten emotional with her. However, those against them uniting as a couple mention their age difference.

Although it would be nice for Bob and Sasha to get together, it doesn't seem like it will happen. For relationships to work on television, it has to be believable. There just doesn't seem to be much chemistry between the two.

Rick and Michonne are sometimes mentioned as a romance possibility. Even though they have been through a lot together and Michonne has a special bond with Carl, it doesn't seem like they would get together either. They have a chemistry, but it is more of a teamwork, family-type of relationship.

The best theory is that one of the characters will develop a romance with someone new. A person who viewers have not yet met, perhaps another prisoner at Terminus. There are just so many different possibilities that it is impossible to predict who will fall in love.

Who do you think will get involved in a romance this season? Fans will have to wait to find out. "The Walking Dead" is scheduled to return to AMC on Oct. 12.

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